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How to change Chase West interchangeable watch straps (bands)

Finding the perfect accessory can bring a whole new level of fun to your personal style, and when that accessory offers multiple options, it's a bonus win. Like a great Chase West watch with interchangeable straps.
How does the Chase West interchangeable watch strap work? It's pretty simple. A small retractable pin on the strap pulls back, allowing the strap to be removed from the watch and a new one inserted. Once the new strap is in place, release the pin, and the strap is secured on to the watch.
We made a quick video to show how it works. I won't say how many times we had to shoot the video to get it to come out smoothly, but the process is simple and the straps can be changed out in just a few seconds.
Why use an interchangeable watch strap? The biggest benefit is that the watch can be styled many different ways without buying multiple watches. So, it’s totally possible to wear a blue watch band one day and a brown one the next. It all depends on what you want to do. Go crazy with it. Versatility can be fun and practical.
At Chase West, all of our watch straps are real leather, and there are multiple colors and textures to choose from. For men's watches, you have the choice of black or brown leather or brown or tan suede. For women's watches, you can choose brown, blue, pink, or tan leather.
Want ideas for how to style your watch? Keep an eye on our blog for fashion suggestions, and check out our Instagram account for lots of creative outfits.

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